Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Welcome Winter

Hoping for a white Xmas? Come on down.

Yup. Ottawa is joining the snow club. The first blizzard hit our parts dumping who knows how much of the white stuff. I commenced my winter exercise and asked my darling eldest (above) to snap a picture of me as what I look like is a big mystery on the web. Not that I am shy but I'm normally the one behind the camera.

Speaking of behind the camera: My well snow-pant-padded deriere.

"Falalala lalala blah."


Dan said...

I was hearing about all the snow up north on news tonight. At least everything is nice and white. It is quite cold and windy here but no snow on the ground. I hope it stays away until Jan!

Daphne Gould said...

We just had our third snowstorm of the season. Sadly after the snow stopped the rain started. Blah!

Stefaneener said...

That's right -- now the mystery is totally revealed. You look. . . like a bunch of winter wear?

Enjoy your snow. I spent 36 hours in a car during a blizzard once.

Ottawa Gardener said...

Yeah, next time I'm going to try and get my daughter to wait until I'm looking at her.

36 hours in a snow storm? Yikes. I got lost in a whiteout for like 20 minutes when I was a child which was long enough.

We were threatened with rain following hte snow but it continued to snow instead.

Chris DeVries said...


I just read that you are planning a move to the country? That's exciting! Where abouts are you looking (and what are you looking for)?

We moved to Kitchener this fall and just found a farm near St.Thomas that we'll be moving onto this summer.