Saturday, September 7, 2013

Business Update!

Once upon a time there was a blog. It was new and fun and the creator was updating regularly - like twice week. People would comment and she would comment on their blogs. It was great. The world was good and then something happened. The blogger did not post a single post in the whole month of August. What! Why? Didn't the blogger still love her blog? Wasn't the blog still fun? Still exciting? What did the blog do to deserve this kind of treatment?

"It's not you blog. It's me. You see, I've been busy volunteering at the Canadian Organic Growers - OSO Chapter Demonstration Garden, chatting with friends on my new group Edible Ottawa Gardens Group and then there is my business."

"What business?" Asks the blog. "Aren't I your business?"

"Not that kind of business. The professional kind."

"You'd like it. It's called Aster Lane Edibles and I'm going to link to you and everything. Oh and there's  the greenhouse I need to put up once my formerly NGS (non gardening spouse)* moves his woodpile."

 photo asterlanelogolong.png

"So you've just been busy?"

"Yes, with the business and the groups and the children; The baby just turned one. Just busy. It's not that I don't love you anymore. I figured our relationship was strong enough to withstand a momentary absence. Twitter on the other hand has something to complain about..."

* Non Garden Spouse has earned the title Will Garden Occasionally Spouse but that's a clumsier title so I'm just going to call him FNGS


Unknown said...

LOL!!! I absolutely loved it. And don't worry, blogs are rather forgiving creatures in nature :)

Stefaneener said...

Fun! And I know all about the blog ebb and flow. Good luck.

MikeH said...

Well done. Joyce and I are lucky that you are on the way to see the grandchildren - yes, there are now two.

Can't wait to see the greenhouse.


Ottawa Gardener said...

Just learning how to make a jig for pipe bending now in fact MikeH. Congrats on the new grandchild!!! I have a few jars that are yours actually if you would like them back.