Monday, November 10, 2008

Harvest Day - cool cabbage, leaves of plenty

Oak leaves from the two very generous trees overhanging our yard.

This harvest day, I took in the last of the leaf bounty. The end of my driveway lacks the usual row of 10 yard waste bags as mine are spread out on my perennial beds and on the pathes of my vegetable gardens. I had quite a surplus this year as I raked up all my neighbour's leaves (they were ill and as I usual scam their leaf bags after they've done all the work, I figured it was karmic time for me to help collect them) so I also have extra high piles of leaves in the back turning into leaf mold.

Cabbage versus hand. Oh and that's no petite feminine hand, I outspan some guys.

I would also like to draw your attention to this massive cabbage. I know that they can grow bigger but I grew this one. Even with those chew marks, isn't it gorgeous? Most of my cabbages were the normal 2 year's old head size or smaller, which I expect with my tight spacing. But this one was planted near the edge of the patch and if I remember correctly, its neighbour was eaten by something so it had more room than the others. So now that I've managed to grow this Mammoth Red Rock, what the heck am I going to do with it?

For more on my befuddled and often mismanaged well planned and executed cabbage growing instructions, see Cabbage as Big as My Head from last year.


Daphne said...

Wow beautiful cabbage.

I'm in the middle of picking up leaf bags too. It is so easy to get leaves. Every Monday morning I troll for them.

Bishops Homegrown said...

Been composting and vermicomposting a lot of leaves the past few weeks myself, getting ready to clean out the neighboring cow barn and mix a load of leaves in with it in the new compost corals which will (after minimal hot composting) then be fed to the worms and later placed on the fields.

Cabbage really is an amazing and underestimated crop, I've seen it live through some terrific things and turn out all the better for it, glad to see someone else growing Mammoth Red Rock which is actually one of my favorites, we use it mostly stewed with new potatoes and as a smaller head, but a large head this late in the year makes some terrific crout if you can get others over the red color, also they do make nice egg rolls as well!