Sunday, March 29, 2009

New blog with new idea, old blog with old idea

Just a quick post to introduce a new blog by Gen, a fellow Homegrown Goodness poster called the Green Igloo. She is in the midst of planning her Passive House on a rural oasis nearby Ottawa. It is full of interesting articles on living more sustainably.

Also, on this old (new) blog, I am going to introduce an new (old) topic and that's gardening 101. I have mostly stuck with my gardening 201 subjects because there are many sources for basic garden info but I get so many questions from local gardeners which would fall under the category of 'help, I'm new' that I thought it might be fun to make some posts about how to grow popular vegetables. However, as I'm me, I know that I will infuse it with the usual skeptical googling on alternative methods, forgetten skills and less popular but very worthy edible plants.

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