Monday, August 24, 2009

Mom and Me and the Squash that ate the Garden!

Every since reading Eliot Coleman's glowing reports on Trombocino squash, which is reputed to produce prolific immature squash to be used like zucchini on its sprawling vines, I've wanted to try it. The texture is supposed to be superior to the more commonly used watery green machines and if left on the vine, it will harden into the C. moschata's typical tan skin housing sweet, orange flesh rather like its more well known sibling, the butternut squash. It apparently also shares the characteristic of having a solid stem making it Squash Borer resistant.

"Step away from the vine mom, it looks hungry."

My mom and her wonderful gulf island garden. See that huge Artichoke flower in one of the raised beds on the left. Yes, I'm jealous.

Last spring, I got my hands on a seed packet that I shared with my mom. Well, weather in Eastern Canada has not exactly been cooperative and vining crops got a sloooooow start what with a short drought in June followed by 40 days and 40 nights of rain in July. August has been slightly less soggy so I'm finally seeing my first female fruit.

Big things start small, I hope.

My mom, on the other hand, living on a Gulf Island off Coastal B.C. (otherwise known as La La happy snowless land) has been having drought. Her crops would have shrivelled and given up months before if it wasn't for the roof collected rain from winter that they store in a cistern. She tells me it has the lovely aroma of decaying vegetable matter that got caught in it as well making for a compost tea when it comes to watering time. Her trombocinos are a far sight more advanced than mine:

Newest fashion accessory for the eco-conscious.

How do they taste mom? Hopefully I'll find out for myself in a week or two... sigh.

Trobocino snake slithering around in the garden mulch.


Daphne said...

I really thought about growing that this year. I have so many squash vine borers. Usually zucchini is ok though. It sets so well before being overcome that it is worth growing still. Not this year with all the clouds and cold, but most years. I've heard mixed reports about the taste. Some like it some don't. You will have to give us a report on how you like it.

Green Bean said...

Holy moley! I think they planted those over at Path to Freedom a year or two ago and got similar results. I'll have to try it next year.

Miss M (InfG) said...

What an interesting squash. Your mom is lucky. BC got bumper crops this year with all the heat and sunshine. Her garden looks great.
Love the artichoke !

Leigh said...

Nice cucurbits! I'll be interested to see if you get mature seed. It has been very lousy weather here, too. The only c. moschata I've found that are reliable here are Betterbush. They seemed to be in suspended animation in the couple of months of cold and wet, but now look like they will produce a modest quantity of small mature fruit... Maybe I'll sacrifice one to try as a summer squash.

Sigrun said...

That's an interesting squash. I'll have to look for more unique varieties.

PainChaud said...

Great pictures....squashes are just so fun to grow =)