Wednesday, November 11, 2009

If I have seeds, you have seeds!

Just a quick reminder that my sidebar contains a list of seeds that I will send to you free.

Do you have to send an SASE?


Do you have to trade?


This is my first time and I'm nervous.

That's okay. You can still have seeds

What's the catch exactly?

I like to share seeds. I consider it one of my missions in life and you taking them from me will help me feel like I am doing a tiny bit of good in the world. One day in the future, you too may be encouraged to share seeds, which would make me doubly happy. That's all folks, really.

You can get these absolutely free seeds, by contacting me via email (see sidebar profile).


I also belong to Bifucated Carrots International Seed Network list so check out others that have the same seed giving fetish as me. Contact them to see if they require SASEs/trades etc...


Stefaneener said...

Very sweet. I love how gardening becomes a life mission in different ways!ste

miss m (InfG) said...

That is so very thoughtful. Count me in ! :D

Heidi said...

What a generous and thoughtful idea. I will be checking out that link and emailing you soon. Thank you.

Daphne said...

I just want to say I loved the seeds I got from you last year (Trail of Tears and Cranberry bean). I'll be passing some of them along this year. I'll be both trading them and giving them away. I'm going to be eating most of them however. For the Trail of Tears, 25 beans turned into 2.5 lbs of beans. Not bad!

Fred said...

The Garlic Chive seeds arrived on saturday afternoon. Most will be saved for the spring but a portion are being planted this week to start off the window-sill herb garden.
When they go to seed I will be passing along the goodness.
Thanks again!

Bishops Homegrown said...

Very nice to see you sharing those precious seeds my friend. It takes a lot of us to keep all of this diversity going and your gonna be a big help!

Just watch out that you don't end up like me with so many requests that you start wondering how to keep up with all of it.

Ottawa Gardener said...

I'm still waiting for the inundation. So far, mailings are brisk but don't exceed my fictiuous coffee budget. I do have to start keeping track of them though as sometimes I forget exactly who got what/ when etc... :)