Monday, January 25, 2010

unHarvested Monday

During the unseasonably warm weather of the past couple days, as I was standing outside thinking of what to post for Harvest Monday, I noticed this frozen, unharvested cucumber leaning against our house. My first thought was "Darn, I didn't get to eat that," followed by "Did I plant cucumber there?"

Not the right way to preserve cukes.

Let this be a warning to us all in the frenzy of seed buying season that we not get caught up in the joys of collecting those lovely little potentials. Too many will cause headaches as we try to fit them into our small spaces. If not because we lack physical room then because we lack the stamina and army of helpers to grow them. Figuring for failure temps fate as the suffit of seed will all germinate, grow fantastically and the usual mauraders will stay away. We will start contemplating eating salad for breakfast, wander the neighbourhood with armfulls of zucchini and wonder if pickled beets are acceptible stocking stuffers. In the fall, we will have waved the white flag to the weeds and be frantically trying to get in at least half of it before the snow is thick on the ground. Our children will be ready with the words, "Not that again." We will say to ourselves that next year we will not go crazy buying seeds. We will be sensible.

Worst of all, we will not even notice that there was a perfectly good cucumber growing right beside the driveway as the ideal snack to bring on a beach run.

Now back to buying and trading seeds...


*** Local Seed Companies if you can't wait for Seedy Saturday ***

These are suppliers that I have used before:

Cottage Gardener
Gretas Organic Seeds
Solana Seeds
Eternal Seeds
Hawthorn Farm

For a whole lot more listings, please see Seeds of Diversity


Daphne said...

I always endeavor to get just the right balance in my garden based on what I eat. Salad for breakfast is really not too appealing. I never succeed however. I always plant too much lettuce. I will again this year. It just happens. If only there were a way to preserve it. Part of my problem is rotation schedules. I want more tomatoes, potatoes and peppers than I can grow and still rotate them.

Michelle said...

It is a challenge to grow a Goldilocks garden, not too little, nor too much, just enough. It never seems to come out as planned. I think I've got enough zucchini pickles in the fridge to get me beyond the next zucchini harvest! :0

Anonymous said...

This is all very true, but I know that every year I will buy too much seed and plant too many plants... But I guess that there are worse things than buying too much seeds?

Ottawa Gardener said...

I am always guilty of this and like you said vrtlarica, I supsect it will always be so.

miss m said...

Made me chuckle !

Stefaneener said...

It is a challenge, and I don't know that anyone gets it perfectly right. The best we can do is draw good plans, keep good records, and give away the extra, I suppose.

Next year!

Thomas said...

I can't believe that it still looks like a cucumber this time of year. Last fall seems like such a distant memory. I don't know how I'm going to fit all of my transplants in my garden this year but heck, I'm willing to sacrifice a cucumber or two to try! I won't say you didn't warn me.