Monday, October 29, 2012

Sweet Potatoes Past and Present

As promised* here is a comparison between stored 2011 sweet potatoes and the new harvest 2012

Left: 2011 and right: 2012. I'm curious if the sprouts on the 2011 tubers would still grow? 

All the big 2011 sweets were eaten - yum - so left behind were those that I didn't use for sprouting slips that were still a reasonable size. The very small ones dried out but those that were at least as thick as a good sized sausage - 3cms or so in diameter - seem to keep even a year later. The 2011s were drier looking on the outside.

Left: 2011 and right: 2012 cut open. Notice the streak of white in the 2012 sweet. Intriguing.

Inside, you can see what looks like some fibrous dots in the old sweet potato and I'm wondering if this would not have as nice a texture now. The 2012 sweet looks uniformly orange and juicy. Flavour is said to generally improve with storage for properly cured sweet potatoes. I'll have to give you a cooking update soon.

* Yes, I'm actually following up on my post as promised. As for my blogging absenteeism, the garden has not gone anywhere. It is, in fact, in the process of expanding but my expanded family responsibilities - newborn - is keeping me from taking care of the garden AND documenting it. However my gardening love/obsession has not lessened so many posts are in the mental queue including the oca harvest.


Daphne Gould said...

I was really hoping to store my sweet potatoes in my basement, but sadly most of them are insect damaged, so I don't think they will last in storage. I'm going to can most of them once they sweeten up a bit. Have you stored any with insect damage or have you always eaten those first?

Ottawa Gardener said...

I had some big holes from grubs I think and they stored quite well. In fact two of the old ones had grub holes. What kind of insect damage do you have?

Daphne Gould said...

I'm not sure what it is. I didn't see insects, but it seems obvious from the damage that is what it was. I was assuming something like pill bugs, but again I don't know.