Monday, May 13, 2013

Flowering Fruit

The fruit of the garden has burst into bloom.

Among the first to break bud are the nanking cherry and the haskap.

 photo 20130512_174030.jpg
Haskap - an edible honeysuckle with very early fruit.

Plums were frilly with blossoms though there are starting to fade now. Same with the serviceberry. Not sure where to find these treasures in the wilds? This is a good time of year to spot them sticking out in their white finery often while the tree leaves are just unfurling.

 photo 20130512_174000.jpg
Serviceberry blossoms are falling.

Ribes has burst into its pale green blossoms such as the flat faced flowers of currants cascading. (say that five times fast)

 photo 20130512_173815.jpg
Prolific red currant.

Pears break out before apples have left the pink stage.

 photo 20130512_173858.jpg
Pink bud stage in apple tree

Strawberries are blooming and grape is nearly there.

 photo 20130512_173911.jpg
Drought (of 2012) tolerant grape

Also in bloom are strawberries both wild and cultivated. Tonight we have frost. As buds swell and open in spring they become less frost tolerant so we'll see how they all do.

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