Thursday, January 16, 2014

Aster Lane Edibles Update!

This is a slacker post. It is a slacker post because I am not doing the usual researched narrative about my garden (or interviews with great gardeners) but instead putting all my energy into getting my business Aster Lane Edibles in shape to start plant sales and more this year! As happens when you have a lot going on, something suffers, and in this case, it is this blog (which I love very much. It's not you blog. It's me).

At any rate, here is what I've been up to:

1. Event planning. This year, instead of setting an arbitrary date that works for me, I'm trying to using doodle so that everyone, who is interested, can have a say on what works best for them. I have several workshops planned at A.L. Edibles (get it all edibles - accidental clever there) such as Vegetable Garden How to, Seed to Seed, Beautiful Edible Gardens, Drawing as an Observational Aid, How to Grow Sweet Potatoes in the North and Kids in the Pumpkin Patch. AND events through Edible Ottawa Gardens Group such as a spring mushroom drilling playshop. There will no doubt be somethings going at The COG demo garden too as well as other locations.

2. Plant sales: Woohoo! Finally! Provisional list is being updated all the time. Plants will be for sale in spring at Aster Lane and perhaps another location. Currently assessing options.

Also, visit us on Facebook - I'm collecting likes.

Slacker signing off.

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