Friday, March 20, 2009

Happy Spring and Wintersown Sprouts!

Happy official start of spring to all you gardeners out there!

Try explaining to a 3 and 5 year old why despite the fact that 'yes' it is spring tomorrow, they will not be allowed to break out there summer clothes because it's solar spring which means that the sun hits the northern and southern hemispheres dead on rather than reminiscent of pictures of sprung crocuses and baby bunnies that are drawn in picture books.

However, it really is spring. The glacier of snow deposited by 2009's Ice Age has receded so that I can see a small patch of where I planted the garlic last year and in the front I have several crocus leaves.

Most exciting of all is that I have Wintersown sprouts. I took some pictures but they are excessively fuzzy. If you were to come round my house, I would pop the lid of several containers and show you the roots sprouted on several types of lettuce and kale. As you are a gardener, you would put on your microscopic vision and have no problem picking out the small white protuberences of new growth.

So exciting!!

The first to sprout was Pink Iceberg Lettuce that I received from I Wet My Plants. Yes, I'm also intrigued what 'pink' iceberg looks like as my googling reveals links to tortillas made with iceberg lettuce, pink icebergs in the ocean and references to other types of lettuce. So I'll just have to take a picture for you all when they get a big more visible.


Daphne said...

Wonderful. I kept meaning to do that over the winter, but never got around to it. Now it isn't winter anymore! Happy spring.

Gen said...

My 5 year old also asked if it was going to be warm from now on. : ) I just have to grin considering we still have a 3-4 foot snow bank in front of our house (north side).

At the back of the house, my parsley has lost it's snow cover and some leaves look fresh and ready ot eat. : )

Kathy said...

It's actually Red Iceberg lettuce from Seeds of Change.

I never got around to winter sowing this year - I think I overdid it last year and blew myself out for spring indoor seed starting. Plus I lamely left all my nice plastic bins outside over the winter and they all busted in multiple places.

It's exciting that you've got sprouts!

Dan said...

I tried winter sowing thing year although I'm not sure if I actually did the procedure fully. I planted romaine, mix greens and green onions on Feb 17th in cell packs and placed them in the cold frame. The romaine sprouted march 6th and the mix greens started to germinate at the same time but very slowly. The green onions just started to sprout a few days ago. They are all starting to get true leaves now. I also germinated kale, radicchio & bok choy inside and then placed them in the coldframe and they are doing well.

I wish I could put the whole yard under glass as this stuff is pretty fun.

Happy Gardening!

B said...

That's exciting, still nothing in mine, fingers crossed!