Monday, March 30, 2009

Harvest Day - good old kale

Red Ursa is a great cold hardy kale (I like Dwarf Blue Curled Scotch as well) that is available through many fine heritage / OP seed companies. I got mine originally from Seeds of Change which is sold at Make it Green garden centre west of Ottawa.

Saying how-do-you-do from out of the snow and ready for supper as always!


Dan said...

This is going to be my first year growing & eating Kale. I'm trying Tuscano this spring, it has about 4 true leaves currently in the cold frame. This fall I am going to grow Vates, Coleman recommends this in his book for cold frame growing.

How do you cook your kale?

Ottawa Gardener said...

In quiche, with lentils, in stews, in salad, any kind of cassorole cut very fine (the kids don't notice it), even steamed with a bit of soy sauce is delicious.

Dan said...

Thanks for the ideas.

Garden tips said...

I have never tried Kale but I might give it a go now. Thanks

Bren said...

I have never tried kale but this inspires me to give it a try.
Happy Spring