Monday, March 16, 2009

Snowy release

The snow is slowly melting revealing plants beneath.

Dianthus - Great groundcover, even my sweet williams were evergreen under the white stuff.

This variety of dianthus not only had pretty, edible pink flowers but also has a lovely vanilla scent when in bloom.

Dirty snowpiles releasing a bright red blueberry bush twig:

Poor things, hope they didn't get too crushed.

Sage peeps out of the snow cliff along our front walk:

This is one of my favourite ornamental edibles.

Now that the snow is receding, I can get to my fruit trees and do a little pruning. The back plum tree has a branch with a bit of black knot. Inconviniently, this is a branch that I was using as scaffolding and the black knot was very low down!

The city is taking its cue to prune too:

Attacking the Linden in front of our house. It is most definitely thinnned now.


Daphne said...

Someday I'll show photos of my poor blueberries. They don't like to be crushed by the snow.

Dan said...

It is good that the snow is melting but it can be so icky looking when there is black & grey snow banks everywhere.

We have had no snow on the ground here in Brantford for so long with the last heavy snowfall being in Jan. It is nice but odd at the same time. I keep thinking one of these days it will all come to an end with 30cm of snow in one day.

CM said...

Love your blog!