Monday, May 24, 2010

Harvest Monday - Rhubarb and Rainbows

There are lots of goodies in the garden including masses of rainbow greens, onions and today's harvest of rhubarb for some muffins.

Magenta Spreen: Chenopodium gigantium

Like its cousin, lamb's quarters - Chenopodium album, it excells at seeding but look at the seedlings!

Orach - Red and Gold: Atriplex hortensis

Another self sowing beauty which makes for a delicious cooked or fresh green rainbow.


My youngest, for scale, with a strange smile on her face. Mabye she's not sure about rhubarb muffins or maybe it was all those green gooseberries she insisted on eating?

Great rainbow greens:

Orach - comes in colours from gold, purple, red, magenta, green and in between
Chard - Bright Lights is a favourite or try beets like Bull's Blood
Mustard - Many asian greens come in shades of purple and pink
Chicory - look for red and variegated varieties.
Magenta Spreen - A towering plant once its mature and delicious
Amaranth - Gold, red, orange, variegated. Look for types for greens
Kale - purple, pale and green with purplish viens
Lettuce - more than I can describe
Fennel in bronze and green


Ellada said...

Magenta Spreen: Chenopodium gigantium
Beautiful plant and I love the colors.

Daphne said...

That rhubarb looks huge. I keep seeing rhubarb blooming all over the place right now.

villager said...

The orach is simply beautiful. I should be growing it too! The rhubarb is really big. That's one thing I never acquired a taste for.

Angela said...

Interesting colors! Thanks for the introduction to magenta spreen and orach. Lots of new to me greens to dream about and try in the garden.

Anonymous said...

I love when veggies look beautiful, and also taste lovely. Rhubarb is big! I don’t grow it, but when I see pics like this, I start to think that I just might try.