Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tomato seed 'ick

To borrow a phrase from the youngsters 'That's sick!'


The process of fermentation of tomato seeds leads to a gross slick of mold* on top of the liquid. This is supposed to remove the germination inhibiting gel cap around the seed and eliminate some pathogens. It's cool. It's gross. It's sick - I guess.

When you see free tomato seeds sunk to the bottom of your science experiment and blech on the top, you can rinse your seed, using a bleach wash if you want.

* What the heck is that stuff? Googling reveals that it is known as 'white mold,' 'good mold,' and other descriptive names like 'foamy' mold. Along with the pale mold, I sometimes see a greenish growth like you see on bread. If you know the name of a common mold enlisted in this fermentation process, please let me know.


We have been busy beavers around here as in two weeks we will be saying goodbye to one trusty garden friend and restarting operations at our new garden which will hopefully serve our family just as faithfully. In the meantime, I may be a bit slow on the posts.


meemsnyc said...

That is ick, but you'll get to reap the rewards with seeds soon.

Daphne said...

I wasn't very good about saving tomato seed this year. Last year I saved every variety, but this year I only saved what I think I'm going to grow next year.

Kati said...

eewww. that is gross. I just press seeds between unbleached coffee filters...seems to work fine. I'd be afraid I'd forget my "experiment" and it would run amok!