Monday, June 25, 2012

Harvesting Peppers Already Monday

This is what happens when you compensate for having poor growth in your peppers last year, you start them way too early the following year. See my mistake last year was thinking that because I now lived rurally that I should start a few later because frost was likely to last later in spring. Possibly for this reason, or many others, some of my solanaceae failed to thrive as I would like. So this year, I started waaay early. Frost kept coming a bit on the late side too so after transplanting twice and picking off buds more than once, look: peppers in June.

JalapeƱos, an UHP (unidentified hot pepper) - top from a mix and a Jimmy Nardello accidentally picked early - bottom, on a bed of kale with peas flanking the side: blonde, golden edible podded and various green shellers. 

My tomatoes, for your information started at the more or less correct time, are showing the first green fruits. Yippy yay! Also, harvesting lots of red currant which turned into a jam, and featured in a cobbler today.


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Stefaneener said...

Wow! They look great. I pulled the first two jalapenos today, way ahead of any tomatoes, and the cucumbers are beginning to pump out. Sometimes starting early just means you get to start harvesting early! Good for you.

Daphne said...

Those red currents look wonderful. I've got gooseberries that I think are starting to ripen now, but it is so hard to tell when you have green gooseberries.

Anonymous said...

I feel gently, the gooseberries to see if they are slightly soft and giving. That is when I pick the soft ones.