Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Braving the first Edible Gardens Ottawa Group

In deference for the internet photo-phobes and in light of my lack of own photo-beauty, I didn't take any pictures but I'd just like to start off and thank everyone that made it out despite the driving conditions that included a snow-ice storm, a bomb threat on one road and a game clogging up another. I'd also like to thank the beautiful display at the Ottawa Library (guess I should have taken a picture of it).

At exactly 6:29 there was NO ONE there so I thought, well fine be that way and then at 6:30 the room started to fill. It was packed by 6:40pm. Yay, friends! I proceeded to puzzle people with a rapid discussion of seeds, dormancy and pre-conditioning. The experts in this group may have been nodding off but I worry that I made it seem all a bit more complicated then necessary for the beginners. So for the latter group, really it's easy. Stick seed in soil, water, give light, grow. Tada!

But if you were really interested, the important bits were wintersownbaggie method, Norman Deno's awesome book Seed Germination Theory and Practice and JD Hudson's expose on Giberillic Acid*, available from Gardens North. As I start a heck of lot of weird seeds or at least a whole lot more than cukes, coaxing seeds to go radicle is a preoccupation of mine.

Hank also kindly came to talk about the Allbirch Pollinator Garden and has offered to return and talk about nut trees in the area. Something I'm very interested in.

It looks like people want to get together once a month!! I know that there was enough interest and tentative 'I'm goings' before the weather went all treacherous that we would easily overflow the Hazeldean's room so I'm looking for suggestions for other rooms, along with preferences for times and days though that'll probably depend on the location.

Thanks for a fun time guys!

Oh we have our very own Facebook group now

* Here's something kind of hilarious, I never noticed that JD Hudson, Rob's Plants both mention Norman Deno's book before. In fact, I found a circle binder photocopy of his book at the Carp library. As soon as I cracked it open, I knew it was something special. How come in all my other perusals of those sites, had I not noticed it? You know what they say about time and teachers revealing themselves and unicorns and stuff right? Anyhow, great book but you can't take it out until I'm done with it 'k or you could download it off the web.

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