Friday, September 27, 2013

Collecting Hablitzia Seed

 photo file-2.jpg
Hablitzia plant on the north side of a shed.

Have you heard? My Hablitzias have set seed and they look good! You haven't heard? That surprises me considering how loud I shouted when I discovered it but maybe you were listening to music or something or mistook me for an angry raven. Anyhow, on the off chance, you haven't heard:

"My Hablitzia tamnoides gave me seed!!"

 photo file-1.jpg
Closeup of seedpods and seed.

You don't know what I'm talking about? Spinach from the Caucasus? Perennial, shade tolerant green? Our friend Habby. Stephen Barstow is always going on about it.

Stephen? Extreme salad man? Okay so now you're intrigued.

Let's go back to the Habby seeds.

Aren't they lovely?

 photo file.jpg
Before I winnow, I'm going to let it dry down a bit more but looks promising.

Next year, all going well, Habby plants will be exiting my greenhouse (still under construction and by under construction I mean shovel yet to hit the dirt but I have days marked off on my calendar so soon) in the spring for sale. Woohoo!


Friends of Hablitzia


Gen said...

Yay! Can I reserve a plant for next spring?

Angela & Tom Newman said...

Ok. I want some. Need some. When I saw it on Stephen's page, and read that you grew it successfully here, I have suddenly become inspired/obsesses with it and now am imagining all the places for your spring babies to relocate over here!

Ottawa Gardener said...

It happens to the best of us Angela. Come, join us at the Friends of page. :D

Gen: Yes.

Gen said...

Thank you! :)))))))

starry said...

Awesome! I would also like a plant when available! :)

Andre Darche said...

Hey all, how do you harvest Hablitzia? I pick leaf by leaf, but is there a way to encourage it to bush out and flower later? Id like to keep it nice looking too.