Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tomato Tuesday on Vacation

I would have posted Harvest Monday from my Mom's Gulf Island Paradise but I didn't have time because half way to BC from Ottawa, our plane experienced turbulence which broke the wing a teeny bit - a flap was stuck up. We were informed we would have to return to Toronto so that we could be transferred to - and I quote - a "fully serviceable airplane." Good, and here I had just assumed that we were currently already in one of those.

This towering allium resonated beautifully with the tall 'stemmed' spruce behind it.

So now, I am many hours late to Gabriola where the dolphins frolic in the deep emerald sea and the evergreen forests rise like candles topping a rocky birthday cake. Not that I'd like to take a bite out of that stone but because its party time in the land without biting flies, nary a moisquito, deer so tiny they can't leap over a six foot fence, and people remarking that it is freezing when it is 0 degrees Celcius which technically is true... Oh gentle nature.

Smack dab in the middle are green tomatoes a starting. I had assumed these were Arctic Queen but now I'm wondering if there are some of the cherries that I had also started with this method.

In other news, it's Tomato Tuesday and check what my indoor/outdoor starts have done. They've made fruit. I'm hoping to see red when I get back.

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