Saturday, September 11, 2010

An award and obligatory 'about me' post

Thanks to these two bloggers, GrowChew and Apron Strings that kindly nominated me for a Versatile Blogger award.

It was a dark and stormy day when Canadian Organic Growers set up for their annual Feast of Fields.

Apparently I am to send this to several (many) bloggers that I have recently discovered. Hooboy, what with buying a property and all the stuff that goes with that, and carschooling (that's homeschooling with a lot of car time to different events), volunteering etc..., I got to admit that I have not been playing blog bounce much recently but I'll do my best. I am also supposed to tell you 7 things about myself. Given that I am being time squeezed - imagine me passing through life's narrow corridors with big probjects - I will be interspering this with photos of the fantastic Feast of Fields held by the Canadian Organic Growers of Ottawa of which I am a proud member. Fact #1

Fact # 2 I was born in what I thought was spring in February in Victoria on the fair ile of Vancouver. Then I moved East and realized it was one of the coldest, darkest days of the year.

Fact # 3 I majored in geology with a minor in philosophy. They go together like a balanced meal and have given me fuel for further investigations which rarely have anything directly to do with rocks or D.W.G.s.

Fact # 4 I like alliteration too much.

Chefs and farmers formed formadible food teams crafting incredible concoctions.

Fact # 5 I am a compulsive seed saver and sower - wait you probably already realized that.

Fact # 6 My first name is the contraction of two verbs for vocalizations and is Thibetan, either a surname or a man's first name. Actually, I suspect that the story about why I have such an unusual name is fabricated but it's nice to have good stories in our lives, right? What is it? If you request free seed or trade seed with me, I write it on the envelope. :)

The people came with china plates extended in hand to receive organic, local goodness. It rained but they stayed to sample from the dessert tent.

Fact # 7 - My eyes are a dark green with gold flecks not brown. I like brown a lot but that is not their colour. The fact that I care, and have written hazel on my passport application makes me wonder about myself. I like to say that I am sensitive to colour.

Satiated, they left to complete their Sunday rest.

Bloggers that I'd like to nominate:

1. In the Toad's Garden - I love visiting this blog. The writer comes across as inquizzitive and friendly and in love with plants. What more could you want?

2. Mas du Diable - Not a new one for me but worth a visit. Looks like the centrefold of a garden mag with lots of information.

3. Growing Oca - Everything you may need to know about this rare crop.

4. Window on the Prairie- Insight into agricultural live on the prairie in Kansas. Very slick looking and popular blog.

5. Garden Therapy - The artist comes out in the photos and the gardener comes out in the posts. Food is queen at this blog. Besides, I have to appreciate anyone who buys tomatoes for seeds...

6. Sicilian Sisters Grow Some Food - Urban. Farming. Extradonaire. I'm breaking the rules again in that she is not a blogger that I have just discovered but I have yet to give her blog a mention so thank me after you visit.

7. Shack in the Middle - A curious eye on the countryside.

That's only seven, I know, but here is number 8: Greens and Jeans - the winner of my little, make a seed bouquet contest. There are lots of other fab bloggers out there that I should post about sometime but they are not new stumbles but old faithfuls that always deliver the gardening goods.



1. Thank the person who gave you this award

2. Nominate more people - 15? (snicker, oh the chain letter effect)

3. Tell seven things about yourself


Anonymous said...

It was great to find out more about you. I laughed when I read fact #2.. When I told people I was going to Ottawa (from Vancouver), they thought I was crazy! I appreciate the blogs you shared.

Bev said...

Thank you! I'm a meme award virgin - not that I've been saving myself.


Stevie from said...

Thank you for this - i'm just seeing it now. I'm not that great at following up with these awards, but I think it's a wondeful way to a) get to know the person behind the blog and b) find some new interesting blogs. So, thank you, I'll be following up!