Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tomato Seed Trade

Anyone up to giving some of my tomato seeds a new home? I've gone through my seeds and I am embarrased to say that the list is nine pages long (yes single space, normal font). At any rate, I thought I'd thin out the Solanum lycopersicum section. I'll be growing out some of these so quantities will vary. No trade or postage required but if you are in a sharing mood, I've listed what I'm looking for below.

Tomatoes available:

Lots of interest in re-homing those tomatoes so updated list follows:

Gold Nugget Cherry
Purple Smudge
Yellow Brandywine - all out
Italian Friend - ?
Tommy Toe
Teton or something like it
Brown Berry
Mortgage Lifter, pale leaf - very old seed
Novosadski jabujar
Lutescent - very old seed
Black Cherry
Red Cluster Pear - all out
Phoenix Pink Mix
Yellow Grape
Sub-arctic - all out
Smokey Mountain
Cheetham’s Potato Leaf - all out
Giallo a Grappoli
Aussie - all out
Red Robin - all out
Rondoc - all out
Hartman’s Yellow Gooseberry
Chocolate Cherry
OSU x Green Zebra
Principe Borghese
Hundreds and Thousands - all out
Purple Calabash - all out
Velvet Red - all out
Bushy Charbarovsky - all out
Dwarf Champion
Window Dressing - Wagner
OSU x Make my day
Make my day
Sweet Cassidy
Tigerella - all out
Yellow Grape Tomato
Tiny Tim
San Pedro
Bradley - all out

If you're offering, here's some of My Want List

Cucumbers: prolific and early
Beans: very early 'green' eating type
Dandelion: anything unusual in flower or leaf form
Red stemmed chicory
New Zealand Spinach
Red Malabar Spinach
Edible Hibiscus - sunset, cranberry, other
Skirret clone


Email me - right side bar with your address and list of tomato dreams.


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness? Really!!! Now that the baby is here and my garden has been a huge flop the last two summers, I'm hoping to get back into it this year. I need to rebuild my entire stash (and rotate EVERYTHING as I've got some not-so-nice-disease which rendered my seed unsaveable this year). I'll send you an email. Thanks!

jennifer_f said...

Just sent you an email. Thank you for your willingness to share!!

Ottawa Gardener said...

Lots of interest so some types might be out by the time you email but don't let that stop you from asking :D