Monday, December 29, 2008

Blog 'reprinting'

If you do a search for my blog which I always end up doing when I want to post something because I have yet to add my blog to my favourites...

Think of that folks. Your blog is in my favourites but mine isn't. Actually, no, don't think of that.

... I encounter my blog reprinted in various odd sites. Some are collections of gardening information, one is about global warming (?) for my recent post on La Nina, and many are advertising sites that use my blog content as search terms to try to lure you to their site. For example, you can buy a coldframe from some place which uses my blog and its content as a trap door.

Shame, shame you reprinters. Of course, I am happy to have the traffic through gateway blogs but most of the time it just generates hits for their site.

How to tell my site from the others (what follows is obvious btw)?

1. I don't try and sell you anything. I try to give you seeds but sell no: did you see my seed list?
2. I try to be informative. Take this one as you like but I swear I like do research and stuff.
3. Every word and typo is my own finger stumbling.
4. Pretty pictures from my garden including the banner which is badly offset and drawn in Paint.
5. If you comment on my site, I'll visit yours and I'm not just saying that.

So now you know how to tell the authentic Ottawa Gardener from my imposters. Oh and normally I appear first in a google search. (Shortly thereafter Bifucated Carrot merely mentioning my site appears, but then he's google cool).


Susan Tomlinson said...

I'd know your blog anywhere, VPI! I'll always look for the authentic version. ;-)

BTW--I've really enjoyed your posts on site specific gardening. It has been very helpful. Sometimes I despair of sustainably growing veggies here, which is a very hot and dry place, but I'm inspired by your info to think it's possible.

O.I.M said...

shame on those reprinters, indeed. tsk.tsk. tsk.
have a happy new year and an awesome gardening year in 2009.

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, the slime of the internet. If you want to do something about it (it does involve a bit of work), I may be able to help - just pm me at Homegrown Goodness

Anonymous said...

The other day I accidentally typed in '2008 garden plans' into google. I have a google tool bar in my browser with a search box, and I confused it with the search box on my blog. I had only intended to search my blog, because I know I have a post with that name.

It turns out typing it into google was just fine. Out of 9,760,000 matches for that term, my blog was the second one and I was able to easily find my post.

Sometimes google is really funny!