Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Narnia returns to Ottawa

Last year, the snow witch had definitely descended upon Ottawa dropping near record breaking dumps of the white stuff. We were second place in the most snowfall EVER recorded in Ottawa, only off by 15cm or so. I don't remember the exact numbers but remember thinking at the time that this was one record, I wasn't all that interested in winning.

This year, in December, my back garden looks like this:

You can see the double wrapped coldframe as a lumpy hill in the back.

Seriously, I mean seriously. I know that I live in the great white north but it doesn't usually look like a white desert until January. Not only are we getting more than our fair share of snow (and I'd be happy to share with a snowless region wishing a white Xmas) but we are getting bone chilling cold with windchills nearing -30.

Global Climate Trends - La Nina

Last year, the snow mountains were associated with La Nina, a global weather pattern which brings cool, wet weather to the north east. Anyone attempting to grow tomatoes last year can vouch for the accuracy of that.

So is this year La Nina dos?

This blogger attemps to find out by using other people's internet published articles. For the most part, people are predicting a near-neutral / weak la nina event. Regardless of temperature predictions, both NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmopsheric Assocation) and the Farmer's Almanac predict higher than normal percipitation for Northwest.

I decided to get a Canadian perspective and went to Environment Canada's Weather Office which predicts cooler than average temperatures for the immediate three months. These current forcasts also say that it might be warmer than normal in the lower regions of Ontario in the all important run up to spring months but if I read correctly than it is not strongly statistically significant. However, like all forcasts, it is subject to change. We shall see how long it is before the lion of narnia arrives.


Linda said...

And the snow is coming down once again ... third storm in the past few days. Happy holidays to you and your family. Stay warm and safe.

Dan said...

I agree that this amount of snow should not be showing its face until Jan. My cold frame is now 15" under snow with a layer of ice on top from all the icicles on the roof.

I hope we get the warmer then normal weather in lower ontario in the spring.