Friday, December 5, 2008

Getting political and dirty

This is a break from our regular programming to bring you this message:

"Quebec is part of my Canada
and part of my coalition."

To all Harper supporters, do not let your government use anglophone fear of separatists dividing Canada to blind you to what has just happened. A minority government did not have the support of the house and instead of admitting defeat at the confidence vote, they called 'time out.' If this was a game of tag, then I'd demand to see the broken limb. Oh wait, what is broken is the faith of the people in democrocy and no by that I do not think that the coalition was attempting anything undemocratic. The truth is that everyone in parliament was voted to that position: Conservatives, NDP, Liberal and the Bloc. If the 'left' want to work together to create an legal alternative government that is willing to run a deficit and present a real stimulus package like... oh... everyone else suffering from recession, then I say they not only would have the support of the house but my support as well.



Anonymous said...

Yes, Canadian politics are very much in the news here as well. You have quite a showdown on your hands.

O.I.M said...

the whole affair has been a real eye-opener. it seems a lot of canadians are either unaware or unwilling to accept how a parliamentary system works. what was the GG thinking? her decision simply stunned me and set a terrible precedent. I have to admit that I'm a little disgusted with just about everyone on the Hill right now, especially after learning about the deaths of three more Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan. and what about the 70,000 people who lost their jobs last month? they'll just have to ride out some tough times I suppose 'cause parliament's on a SEVEN WEEK "time-out." the political games and lust for power seem so petty compared to the real-life hardships facing so many people across the country. it's incredibly frustrating to see this happening. I'm sure we'll have lots more nonsense again in January and that is just too depressing. Here's hoping for real change and better times ahead for Canada. we deserve better.