Monday, December 1, 2008

Harvest Day - someone else's potatoes and sprouting celeriac

Potato sharing

Canadamike from Homegrown Goodness popped round my place with a bunch of potatoes from his garden and I very much appreciate it. In the lingo of my husband, 'muy amable.'


There were lots of goodies inside for eating but it will be hard for me not to save plenty to grow out next year. I can't help it. I love growing stuff!

(P.S. I found those darn chickpeas)

Sprouting Celeriac


Mind the fuzzy picture. This is celeriac trying to escape the cellar by sprouting. I think I'll have to cook up these forced greens. In the meantime, I'll have to store them some place a bit cooler until the real cold weather arrives in Ottawa and the temperature in my cellar drops to its usual level of just past frosty.



Bishops Homegrown said...

Those are some nice looking spuds there! I wish I could come visit Canada and all of my gardening friends there, we would have so much to share and speak about. Maybe one day soon!

Ottawa Gardener said...

Looking forward to putting a voice to the disembodied head shot ;-)

Yeah, it would be great fun to have a get together one day in the nearish future.

Anonymous said...

Michel has some nice tubers... ;-)
So what's this about garbanzo beans? Have you found a decent short season variety? I tried some many years ago, but found nothing that did well enough here to keep.

Ottawa Gardener said...

They were Winnifred's Garbanzos that I grew from Salt Spring Seeds and they did well enough to try again. I spaced them too far apart for their northern productivity so next year I would space them much closer. Recommended was six inches but I put them a foot apart as I underplanted them with carrot and beets. Their delicate foliage provided the slightest shade. A bit of a pain for shelling like lentils as they are on the small side.