Monday, January 31, 2011

Stored Harvest Monday

I was very excited because I was cooking up some delicious winter squash lasagna - recipe inspired by a picture in Mother Earth News - with a butternut that had been grown on this land though not by me. This meant that I had something to post for Harvest Monday, hosted by Daphne's Dandelions...

This is one of those four element meals where everything happens at once.

... BUT we must have been very hungry and the lasagna looked so delicious that I forgot to take a picture of the finished product until... well... it was finished.

A dirty tray where once lasagna lay.

At this point, in the blog post, you'll probably be looking for a recipe but I'm not one of those cooks. Most of the time, I just wing it (Of course, with gardening I am a rigorous researcher and executor of orthodoxy. Really). So for those that will leave unsatisfied otherwise here is what I did:

Element 1: Boil thinly sliced rounds of butternut or other neck pumpkin
Element 2: Boil lasagna until al dente
Element 3: Fry onions
Element 4: Make a thick roux (equal portions of flour and butter) with milk, seasoned with salt and curry powder. Melt in a generous amount of cheddar cheese.

Layer with lasagna then pumpkin, onions and roux. Do it again. Top with a final layer of pasta covered by grated cheddar cheese. Put in the oven at a highish temperature and cook until everything looks melty and yummy. I recommend cooking covered for the first half of the time so that the top layer doesn't get too crispy or burnt.

Try to get that f#$%rst piece out. Pair with a salad from your polytunnel. Serves however many people you cook for though portion size will vary.


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Robin said...

That recipe sounds very good. A friend of mine made us a lasagna with 6 different varieties of was unbelievable!!

A Kitchen Garden in Kihei Maui said...

I never thought of using squash in lasgna - thanks for sharing this! I have lots of squash left and I'll have to try to make this.

Barbie said...

Love winter squash this sounds lovely!

Daphne said...

That sounds a lot like squash ravioli which I just adore. Yum. I forget too many times to take the photo I wanted to. Food just has to get eaten.

Sar said...

We must be on the same brainwave! I made a version of this recipe on the weekend, and it was divine. I didn't have chard so I substituted spinach and I snuck in some goat cheese in the middle for dimension. It was SO good.

kitsapFG said...

The empty pan is testament to how good that must have been! We just used the last of our pumpkins and I did not grow any winter squash last year (long story) so I am going to file this recipe idea away for this coming fall when I should have some butternut squash to use.

Urban Gardener said...

I tried this recipe too and it was amazing!

Urban Gardener said...

I tried this recipe too and it was amazing!

meemsnyc said...

Ooooh, curry in a lasagna! I never heard that before, sounds awesome.

Year Round Vegetable Gardener said...

I saw this article in the issue.. but didn't make it yet. thanks for the review! :)