Sunday, January 23, 2011

Your series is not finished!!
and my pepper plant has awesome karma

It has occurred to me that some of my serial posts have left people hanging so I am going to correct that. I am referring to things like Part III of the No-Dig Gardening 'specific veggies and no dig' never being written. For shame! Speaking of which, I am currently finishing background research for the next post on composting. After this series, I'll be going back in the mists of time (while I wait impatiently for spring) to correct my dangling posts.

Remember the Scotch Bonnet, I've been overwintering? It got aphids again but besides tasting heavenly, it must also be saintly because it is now covered in baby ladybugs. I guess not all those adults I transplanted on were ladies... Bye, bye aphids.

P.S. Some very nice readers have contacted me to say nice things. Thanks guys! It keeps me motivated to realize that my hours of obsessively synthesizing plant related information does not go to waste.

P.S.S. Yes, I have been slow on the posts this month. Another writing project has been gluttonously consuming my time. That and life.


meemsnyc said...

I tried overwintering habaneros and both plants died. It was too cold on our front enclosed porch. Yours looks awesome.

Stefaneener said...

Niiiice pepper.

Ottawa Gardener said...

I agree. Be nice to this pepper cause the universe really seems to like it. Makes sense. It is a nice pepper.Niiice pepper

Meemsnyc: Yeah, these are inside. On an interesting note, we have a chilly room with a window on our new house and it seems to overwinter herbs well. These are the same herbs that I grew outside in the UK so they will take a bit of frost even.

Daphne said...

I've been having trouble getting motivated to write posts right now. It is hard to think of gardening with all the snow outside.