Monday, June 20, 2011

Pretty Peas

Landrace shelling peas from Joseph

It's pea time in the garden right now and the vines are full of flowers and pods.

Tendrils in a triangle on golden podded pea.

I have never succeeded in planting enough peas.

Spring Blush pea mingling with a grape vine

Shelling peas are my favourite garden snack...

Purple podded pea Joseph's landrace shellers.

... but I don't turn down edible podded peas for their sweet crunch in salads and stirfries...

Snow Peas have been a major feature in our salads this last week.

...or dry peas made into a hearty soup in cool weather.

The golden pod for contrast.

My variegated pea plants are growing well. These are second generation plants. The mother was a chimera from a group of Lincoln(?) shelling peas that I grew the winter before last for pea sprouts.

Pea plant chimera.

I saved the seeds last year and this year several seedlings are showing variegation.

Flowers of variegated pea are a complimentary white.

Speaking of peas, my chickpeas and peanuts are flowering too, mauve and yellow respectively.

Chickpea starting to bloom.


Shawn Ann said...

ooh, I'd love to know more about growing your chick peas! My kids love chickpeas and I was thinking about growing some. Where did you get seeds? Do you save your seeds from your purple peas? I don't know if I have anything you'd be interested in but I would love to trade if you save.

Ottawa Gardener said...

I plant them about the same time I plant carrots. These are a mix of varieties including some Black Kabouli, some Euopean seed bank stuff and Winifreds Garabanzo. The last performed very well for me and I got it from Salt Spring seeds: though I don't think it is available anymore except for maybe in their Seed Sanctuary. My current crop is undersized but that's due to poor soil conditions so I'll most likely be saving all the seeds for replanting next year. As for the purple podded peas, are you looking for soup or shelling peas? I have lots of the former to trade. The soup peas are Caupcijners, originally from a trade with Bifucated Carrot in Amsterdam: They are quite good!

Shawn Ann said...

Hmm, I don't know. Probably shelling. But I would be willing to try either! Thanks for the info!

Daphne said...

I confess to being too lazy to shell English peas, which is weird since I planted favas this year and lots of dried beans. But for me shelling peas aren't any better than edible podded peas so I grow those exclusively. And the one kind of pea I'm never allowed to bring into the house are soup peas. My husband can't stand the smell.