Monday, August 29, 2011

Harvest is a lot of work Monday

The first batch of grapes waiting to become jelly and a couple purple spored puffballs.

The horn of plenty is spilling over with lots of preserving in the works. As I am up to my elbows in plums, grapes, apples, tomatoes and so on, I've decided to pass over the reigns of Harvest Monday to my eldest.

Go on then, what are we harvesting?

Woohoo! Need I say more?

"It's hot but we went outside and harvested tomatoes, grapes, a chum (plum-cherry) from our new baby tree, giant swiss chard that looked like wings, spaceship summer squash, basil which tasted strong, ground cherries which tasted good, corn which tasted sweet and some lettuce seeds."

"They are like tiny pins topped with what looks like dandelion fluff. You have to take a seed head and take off the fluff then you open it and put the seeds in a jar."

"Then we went to the new garden and harvested more tomatoes, some eggplants, peppers and melon and a citron. We weren't sure it was a citron because our puppy dog moved all the plant tags."

There also appears to be a bunch of onions too in our harvest basket.


Brought to you by the kids and this citron: which is indeed a citron.

Eldest with gap toothed smile, youngest and the much loved citron melon which unlike some that are round and stripey, ours are mottled and large.


Allison at Novice Life said...

Ohhhhh congrats on the melons!

Shawn Ann said...

Very cute. Love the names they give their veggies! Who wouldn't eat spaceship squash?

kitsapFG said...

Now that was a great recap of the harvest! Love the spaceship squash. :D

Daphne said...

So cute. The kids of course not the harvest. Though the harvest is nice too.