Saturday, January 3, 2009

Overwintering hot peppers - so far so good

I thought instead of rattling on about the latest garden subject I was heavily googling (right now I'm looking decorative and tasty members of the rumex and chenopodium genus - look up Rhubarb Pie or Saucy Sorrel, darn pretty), I thought I'd let you know how my garden was doing.

Mostly, it's buried in snow. The two pepper plants that I am overwintering are doing well with descent leaf coverage as you can see on this 3 year old Fatali despite the low light levels. Now that we've passed through winter solastice, they should start to leaf out even more.

3 year old Fatali Habanero

I've even got ripening fruit on my 3 year old Long Cayenne.

3 year old Long Red Cayenne

It's the time of year that I normally repot these plants.

Overwintering peppers from this blog
Overwintering peppers from my old blog Ottawa Hortiphilia.
Some other guy at Hot Pepper Seeds gives you the dirt on overwintering peppers.


Patrick said...

My 'Grandad's Home Pepper' isn't doing much right now. There are a few bugs on it, but it's not serious and washing the plant off under running water seems to be controlling the problem for the moment. The main problem is there are no peppers on the plant!

I'm surprised you have enough light to get your plant to produce right now...

Bishops Homegrown said...

Beautiful pics friend, looking good!

Anonymous said...

Someone somewhere on this globe imbibed the light through your words and beautiful plants. Thanks!