Monday, January 26, 2009

Veggie Garden Info is back on line

Last year, there was a great resource which linked all sorts of veggie garden blogs together called VeggieGardenInfo but then it seemed to die the slow death of things on the internet. I was sad as it was a great place to go and read other blogs with a similar obsession to mine. But, wait, it has been revived, or resprouted in the terms of the owner, hopefully this time for good!

Also, if you are interested in heirloom vegetables, permaculture and the wonders of edible gardening, Extreme Gardener is a well written and inspiring resource. Every time I visit, I read the entire post all the way through, without skipping words (and I admit to sometimes skimming blog posts - yes, punish me if you will).

Now back to my regularly scheduled posting.

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Bishops Homegrown said...

Thanks for the veggie garden link. I agree, the extreme gardener blog is great, amongst my favorites along with yours!