Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A couple great new resources

Frank, a garden hero of mine, has put up an edible plant resource called The Vegetable Garden. It is filled with all sorts of edibles including a fair number of perennials. Check out the perennial brassica section! Not only is he generally knowlegeable about plant life, but he also has experience with lots of rare tubers including Oca, Yacon, Apios, and others.

Talking about perennial brassicas, another fellow gardener from Homegrown Goodness, has set up a blog called Perennial Platter and the first post details perrenial 'kale' Chou Daubenton. I've been looking forward to this as a resource for those interested in permaculture.


Leigh said...

Thanks for this heads up on these great new blogs. I really must spend some more time on the HG board - I tend to first check in to blogs with RSS feeds, and not get around to the stuff that's not right in my face.

Daphne said...

That's interesting. I've always wanted to try yakon.