Monday, February 23, 2009

Gardening Meme - from Double Danger

I've not been on this blog - Double Danger - before but I generally like humble people so here goes, my answers to the 'Lame' Gardening Meme:

1. Describe your gardening style? Fast and efficient 'cause I don't have time for anything else. Other people might describe it as half *ssed on occasion but that's because they were not there when all I had within a foot radius of me to prop up the plant was the broken fence post and a flexible twig.

2. What was the last plant you bought? It's been awhile but I guess it was a Rosemary shrub to replace the one I neglected last summer.

3. What were the last seeds you bought? I feel liberated with this one. I have became connected with several seed networks that are outrageously generous so I have received a lot seed lately that was either free or that I traded for. Next year, I am going to 'try' to grow out as much seed as I reasonably can. Ha ha ha ha! I am no longer tempted by you seed companies (though I do really like the local, organic ones).

4. When was the last time you had to pick dirt from under your fingernails? Yesterday, I planted up some sprouted pepper seeds, which reminds me, I have more to do today.

5. Any big plans in the garden this year? Always. What are they? Not telling, you'll see. Why's it such a secret? It's not, I just have other things to do today so I can't write a loooong response. You really have other things to do? Yes, why do you ask?

6. What was your biggest gardening mistake ever? Planting Chinese Lantern because I was nostalgic for my garden in the UK. Or at least that's the one I can think of at the moment.

7. Biggest success? Growing stuff. It's fun.

8. If you could do anything right now in regards to gardeing what would it be? Garden OUTSIDE.

Thanks for letting me do your lame meme!


mostlygardening said...

Instead of using the word "lame", I believe the politically correct term nowadays is "physically challenged".

Anonymous said...

OMG!! Too funny that the name "Lame" Garden Meme stuck. LOL It really is a good meme, isn't it! We loved it and love reading everyone else's answers.

Ottawa Gardener said...

I can't really see how this meme has physical challenges floating around in cyberspace as it is though of course I suppose that's a constraint. I'll inform Double Danger...

miss m said...

Nostalgic for my garden in the UK ? (A quick search using the navbar revealed no other info about this). Will you post about it sometime ? I'd love to hear about it !