Friday, February 13, 2009

'The seed man' visits

My buddy from Homegrown Goodness (an edible plant, homesteading, and plant breeding forum) came round my house with his seeds.


He looks as surprised as I was as we brought in box after box of rare and interesting seeds. A great deal of them were from different genetic databases. He is trialing melons for the suitability for our northern growing conditions and one box was devoted to melon varieties alone. Not only am I heartened by his gardening enthusiasm but am a bit amazed at how much energy he must have to work his fields. We should get together a melon picking posse for him - yum.

At any rate, I felt like a kid in a Candy store as he said and I quote "My seeds are your seeds."

I do believe my response was "Oh no, don't say that."

You should see my seed cabinet. What with the tomato trades, my interest in trialing ornamental and perennial vegetables and my general impulsiveness with seeds, I have a fair number.

Not a table full like 'The Seed Man,' but more than I have room to grow.

Now I have even more as he was my source of many types of perrenial allium, some cool looking beans including Soisson - a huge bean, and so on!

Seed Man - Thank you

I promise to take a better picture of you next time.


Daphne said...

Ack I think my previous comment was stolen. Anyway what I was saying was I want friends like you have :>. That would be fun to go through that kind of seed stash. Then again, maybe not since I don't have room to grow some of my seeds as it is.

ms oddgers said...

If you'd like some help with those seeds ...

I don't have much in the way of trade goods yet, as I'm just planning my first country garden, but I'd happily trade any vegetables I can coax out of the ground this summer for a handful of seeds and the acquaintance of someone like you with such a good skill set in coaxing in this climate.

Let me know what you're trading policy is, and I'll happily swing by at your convenience.

I'm in Lanark, but my daughter lives in Ottawa so I'm in town often.

msoddgers, also known as Karen

ms oddgers said...

... Oh, and I really enjoy your blog.

Karen again

Ottawa Gardener said...

I'm happy to share some seeds. Email me with the address under my profile.

deborah said...

Hey! I think I know this seed man!! (at least through the forums) And I'm trialing a whole bunch of French and Italian bean seeds for him...and a few brassicas. You are right. He is among the most generous people one will ever meet. So fun to see him in person (well sort of). I enjoy your blog.

mostlygardening said...

Ottawa, I hope you did not relieve him of ALL the Soisson beans...I was hoping to get on his short list for a few of those. Deborah, I believe this seedman and your seedman are two different individuals. I am also trialing a bunch of stuff for AmericanGardener, he's from my neck of the woods (michigan).

Ottawa Gardener said...

No worries, I only took a couple of seeds for seed saving purposes - there's lots more!

Leigh said...

I'm so jealous, but at the same time relieved not to be put in the way of such irresistible temptation! As it is, he's got me sewing up little baggies for forced plant sex amongst the cucurbits this coming season. He's a dangerous guy!

Ottawa Gardener said...

Yeah, he's got me putting carrots through their paces this year. Watch out or he will get you doing way more careful gardeing then you intended!