Sunday, April 25, 2010

Eco Stewardship Fair and Can't Take a Pic

This Saturday I was volunteering as a booth person at the Eco Stewardship Fair for the Canadian Organic Growers of which I am a proud member. Membership, by the way, not only gives you a good feeling because you are supporting a worthy cause but if you pay more than 35 dollars, you get a quality newsletter filled with articles about gardening and growing and access to their lending library.


Not their lending library, but the Nature Lover's Book store in Lanark.

Anyhow, I would show you more pictures such as of the Almonte Herb Garden's baby plants for sale, various conservation authorities and vendors of eco friendly products but I just didn't have my photographic game on. So instead here are some people facing the other way.


For what it's worth, I enjoyed strolling between the displays, of this free fair and invite you next year to come out, have a free cookie and maybe even find some kindred spirits.

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