Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day - Flowering Food

Flowering Food showcases the beauty of edible plants but not all of these are flashy flowers. Yesterday between the nodding yellow heads of daffodil, the darkening lipstick shades of tulips and the breaking buds of fruit trees, were the ribes and honeyberry plants with their delicate subtle beauty.

Red currant covered in racemes of green flowers.

Ribes flowers are the kind that make you stop and search. They help you change scale and see the little things. These are not drive by wow flowers but I always try and include treasures like these that you can only find when you visit the garden up close.

Gooseberry singular flowered goodness.

This was the first year I have grown the Josta berry - a cross between a gooseberry and a black currant - so their flowers were a pleasant surprise.

Josta berry's unusual brown flowers.

I remember the first couple times that I had searched for information on edible Lonica plants, I was put off by them being described as poor flavour, not well yielding, not worth the effort, not attractive enough so I was nothing but thrilled to discover that they were very hardy, could be quite productive and were tasty. Best of all, they are among the first berry plants to give a harvest.

Honeyberry - Part of the honeysuckle family that produces edible blue berries very early in the season.


Article on Honeyberry / Haskap from DNA gardens

Lots and lots of Ribes from Plants for a Future - I love this site but you have to double check the information. This page gives a list of some of the many species out there. Look for the tasty, locals for a good fit for your garden.

I pledge to live with the Earth, not merely on it.


miss m said...

Happy Earth Day ! :)
All these berries are on my wishlist. I spotted the edible honeysuckle last Fall on the internet. Looks divine. (I would grow it even if the berry didn't live up to expectations). I love honeysuckle.

You taking you're berries with you, I hope ?

Stevie from said...

great post! I've just started planting fruit this year - raspberry, blackberry, tayberry, gooseberry, currants and a few others. I'm eager to try honeyberry, seaberry and autumn olive- if only I had the space!

Patrick said...

When I was pruning my ribes and josta berry this year, I took a few of the pruned branches and stuck them into the ground next to the plant. They look like they are rooting!

I don't know if it's too late to try this, but this may be a way of taking the plants with you. A rooted cutting can be more practical to transport than a whole bush!